"LIVE - Online Group Mentoring Batch" for those aspirational Actiontakers who want to turn around their 2020. 

My #SuccessGroup 2020

Get your personalised "5D System of Perception Changing" 

This System when implemented step by step guarantees to make you a doubt-free, fearless, confident action-taker !

Have you ever felt that

  • You lack confidence in expressing yourself?
  • You are afraid of being yourself before people?
  • You don't have control over your mind, time your thoughts?
  • You are hustling every day in your mind but your life is going nowhere?
  • Distance between your dreams & reality is increasing by the day?

If the answer to 1 or all the qestions is a YES, 

then this powerhouse online group mentoring sessions are for you. 

After implementing 5D System you will be able to 

  • Systematically uproot your self-doubts & learn to Express Your Opinions with self-confidence
  • Systematically eliminate mental blocks like fear of rejection, being judged, success & failure
  • start taking decisions by learning the 5 Second Decision Making Framework. 
  • Systematic 45 Days Action Plan that shapes your mindset, actions & drives you towards consistent growth.
  • Bridge the gap between the current and aspirational self-confident and successful version of yourself 

What is the 5D System ?

5D System of Perception Change

Transform into a Doubt-Free and Self-Confident Action Taker 

Spend just 1 hour for 5 days to set yourself on the growth trajectory ? 


Get your LIVE mentoring sessions from Nehaa the "Master Perception Changer"

Nehaa is India's first Perception Changing Expert, on a mission to help a million people overcome their internal barriers and transcend from being Over-thinkers to Action-takers through her 5-D System of Perception Change.  

She is a well-known life coach, Unplugged by TEDx Gateway Speaker, Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Psychometric Assessor.  

Over the last few years she has impacted thousands of people by helping them tap into their brilliance, shifting their self-perception that manifests into real change from within.

What does this group mentoring batch include ?

  • 1 mentoring batch = 5 sessions, where each session will be of 60-90 minutes 
  • Each session will equip you with 1 step of the 5-D system of Perception Changing, which when implemented step by step guarantees to make you a doubt-free, fearless, confident action-taker !
  • All the LIVE E-sessions will be held over Zoom video call and will be interactive.
  • Active Q&A where you can ask your questions and get your doubts clarified.
  • The sessions will be held at predefined time as mentioned hereunder and in-case you miss a session you will be shared with the recording of it to refer. 
  • Post every session you will be given certain actionable to be worked upon. 
  • Create a 45 days action plan that will systematically help you take action to bring out your inner confidence action and power.  
  • Get your E-copy of the GRIT JOURNAL that helps you map your daily progress
  • Towards the end of the batch you will be given a opportunity to work one-one with Nehaa and commit to your action journey. 

Something which is worth changing your course of life comes at a small investment of only INR. 2,020/- (+18% GST)

Batch starts from Nov 19, 2019

Session Dates : November 19, 20, 21, 22, 2019 Timing 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm

(Last session) November 24, 2019 Timing 11:00 am to 12:00 noon


I want to be an action taker

* Upon nominating, you will receive a Pre-Discovery questionnaire over email. Duly fill the same and submit as it is a mandatory step to meet your eligibility criteria. You will also receive the login details along with the pre-requisites post submitting the Pre Discovery questionnaire.

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What some of the action takers are saying about us !

Deepak Patil  

Mumbai, Consultant at an MNC  

I have attended Nehaa’s workshop and trust me it helped me alot. The clarity of thoughts that got after this are incredible. The tools that Nehaa offered are extremely powerful. This is not a typical session where people give you some dos and don'ts and follow them blindly. Nehaa in this session makes us THINK, on and about us, our weaknesses,strengths and what can we do to change it by ourself. She has made us self reliant. It’s a very useful workshop if you really want to do something in your life. Thanks a lot Nehaa and I will really recommend this workshop to everyone.

Swarupa Mhatre Kathe,  

Mumbai, Team Lead at an MNC

I have attended Nehaa’s workshop and the session has helped me understand myself in every aspect. The tools suggested by Nehaa will make your life easy, it will enable you to achieve your success and your goals. I will recommend this session to everyone who wants to get going in life.

Amit Choudhary,  

Mumbai, VP at an MNC  

I have attended Nehaa’s workshop and it has helped me in many ways. First of all, you get to know your own self and find out where you are headed to, in this busy life we forget about ourself and become our own last priority. It helped me overcome my fears like fear of failure, fear of confrontation. Her work helps define your own problem statement and the tools that will help you even after the workshop to continue improving yourself. So I really recommend this workshop to all of you who want to be achievers and overcome your fears in life.  

Mayuresh Kulkarni  

Mumbai, Business Analyst at an MNC  

I have attended Nehaa’s session and I must say I felt very enthusiastic and lot of positivity now. Nehaa has shared some valuable tools and techniques that will immensely help me in my professional life on a day to day basis. This will definitely bring in a lot of transformation, I can already feel the changes in me. I will definitely recommend this to everyone who is serious about growing in life.  

Dinesh Choithani  

Mumbai, Entrepreneur  

When I first met Nehaa I was not even able to state what my problem was, I knew I needed some correction. Well that’s my problem that could not even express my problem. So I felt the need to attend Nehaa’s workshop and after completing it, well it speaks for itself that I could clearly articulate what’s my problem, what’s on my mind. I highly recommend this workshop to all the people who feel they need to work on themselves, your approach towards looking at your problems will change completely and it will change your perception to solve other problems of your life too.  

Sheetal Ladha  

Mumbai, Creative Professional  

I have just completed an insightful and interesting workshop with Nehaa. I am extremely glad that i came across Nehaa I highly recommend this for someone who is serious about self growth. This is not for someone who thinks that the workshop is just going to change you to another human being, this workshop is realistic. This is a workshop for someone who is serious about investing in them and their life. I’d highly recommend this for even youngsters so that at least they are on the right path way earlier in their life. It was an amazing experience I loved it.  

In case of any queries please get in touch with us 

support@nehaabeotra.com or call us on 8291049169